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Elastic We have both 1/8th inch and soft round elastic in stock.  We also have the wire needed to make the masks please specify if you want it included at no cost.   We also have boxes of masks for $35.00.  Shipping charges have increased so our cost toyou
has increased.  Check back often for more information.
hipping Changes    In order to save you money we have changed from Priority shipping every time to actual shipping for items that weigh less than 1 pound.  Items that will fit in priority mailers will be shipped at priority rate.  Shipping cost will be adjusted prior to shipping so the cost will increase or decrease depending on the weight.  This will likely affect a small amount of the orders but you need to be aware that if a large order is placed then the shipping will depend on the weight and destination being shipped to.   If priority shipping is desired please send an email to and we will do our best to get it to you quickly.
   New Subscribers only
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Subscription Box for Quilters;  
What you can expect from our subscription box
*It comes in a reusable bag so you'll have no boxes to throw away. $39.95 per month 
*Value over $40.00
*Shipping is included to the U.S.  International shipping has an additional charge. 
*Quilt shop quality fabrics, usually 8 fat quarters but lots of surprises are coming.
*2019-2020 packages include a Zappy Dot each month and a piece of coordinating jewelry quarterly
*Quilting notions, patterns and new products
*Lots of extras
*Shipping - We are not in normal times right now and shipping to us is taking longer than we want it to.  Please be patient with us as the world returns to normal.  You can expect your packages to arrive to you monthly but I can’t tell you when at this time.  Please sign up for our newsletter and for our Facebook Creative Notions Group pages where I will post updates of when shipping will happen each month until things return to normal.
*INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING   There is an additional charge to ship internationally.  Canada is an additional $13.00 per month and Mexico, Spain, Austrailia, UK, Greenland etc is an additional $17.00.  You will be invoiced the additional shipping prior to the end of the month.

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Why choose Creative Notions Quilt Shop?
I have a small business and want to make it grow.    If you don't see what you are looking for in this online shop just drop me a note and I will order it for you.  Many customers stop by the shop to see what I'm making and get inspired by some creative ideas.  Quilting is addictive and I'm proud to spread the quilting bug to everyone.  

I  work hard to keep my  prices as low as possible so that everyone can enjoy this hobby and necessity of quilting. Sign up for the newsletter and every month you will find a Discount code. Subscribers to the Subscription box have a standing discount code available for every purchase.