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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?  
We are located at 245 E. 980 N. Salina, UT 84654.  We have a small apartment behind the residence where all the magic happens *!*  
What are your hours?
Our hours are 9-5 Tues - Sat.  Closed on Sunday and Mondays
Are you a Quilt Shop?
Yes and no.  We are an online quilt shop with longarm quilting done in the cottage behind the residence.  You can order online and pick up or have your purchase shipped to you. 
How do I contact you?
The best way to contact me is to call my cell phone number 435-668-3425 and you are welcome to stop by the cottage to drop off quilts, pick up quilts or to get inspired.
Will you order something for me?
Absolutely!  We will be happy to custom order anything you desire.  
Why is your logo trailers?
No one has asked but I am volunteering...I love vintage trailers and want to combine this love with my quilting.  There will be some combination of this venture coming in the future...stay tuned ;) and yes I am a member of the Sisters on the Fly
Subscription Box Questions
Previous boxes
are available by searching in the search bar for the month it came out i.e. the first box is September the next is October etc.  Put that name in the search bar and check out as a normal purchase.  
International Shipping charges 
We do ship international for an additional charge.  When you subscribe check the drop down menu for your location and choose that option.  Shipping has been included to multiple countries but if yours is not displayed email us at and we can tell you the shipping costs.
Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes you can cancel your subscription at anytime or email me and I can do it for you.  We hate to see you go but will not bother you with emails to get you to come back.  We know you have reasons to discontinue your subscription and hate to bother anyone with temptations and promises.

International shipping is limited to 2 pounds maximum for the price we quote.  Some items will be removed from your bag until the next shipment if the weight limit allows we will add the removed items back in.