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                                                           Welcome to Creative Notions Subscription
Hello!  We would love to have you join our monthly subscription.  In each bag you can expect to receive a bag full of fun and surprises.  We will inlcude quilt shop quality fabrics, quilters notions, patterns and items to complete the project in the bag.   We generally ship in a bag so that you can repurpose the bag and have added value to your purchase.  Each item and it's retail value is listed on the pamphlet and the contents of the bag far exceeds the $40.00 you pay each month.  
     This year we are having a contest for quilt blocks. The subscriber creates the block and send their block to our email at and in the subject line put Block Contest.  We choose one a month and feature it in our box for you to enjoy.  The subscriber who's block we choose win's a precut from us.  We also give away a precut for one person who shared on social media the project they made using the fabrics in the box/bag. 
     We add a little sweet treat to our bags each month.   As an added perk you will receive a discount for 15% off your entire purchase from the website by using a special code that is printed on the pamphlet each month.  This year we are including a square up ruler starting in February with size 2 1/2" and will continue up to 12 1/2" by next December of 2021.  Each month a YouTube video will be posted to share the making of the project in the box.  Follow us on Creative Notions on YouTube.  Please like and subscribe to our channel, it helps us grow and know what kind of content we should make for you.   We welcome international subscribers.  Please choose the drop down menu for your country.    Join us on Facebook on our Creative Notions Group to share your creations with other subscribers and have contests and win prizes. 
Billing:  When you click on the button to sign up the billing will go through paypal but you do have the option use your credit or debit card for the purchases.  Your card or account will be charged on the date or about on the date that you signed up.  If Paypal is not able to bill your account when it is due, Paypal will try again in 5 days and if they can't bill your account the second time then Paypal will suspend you.  If this happens and you want to continue receiving the subscription then you can sign up again so you don't miss a month.  When it is time to update your card you can call us to help with this at 435-668-3425.  If you prefer not to use Paypal at all then we can bill your card.  We do the billing on the 15th of the month.
To receive the previous month's bag be sure to sign up before the 15th of the month.  Sign ups after the 15th will receive the current month's bag.  

     You can unsubscribe at any time unless you have committed to a  yearly subscription.  If you have any trouble please contact us at

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